Potato Latke Recipes

  Potato Latke Recipes

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Exotic Latke Recipes

Welcome to the best collection of Exotic Latke Recipes on the web! Some of these recipes are a little more uncommon than others.  If you are looking for a new type of latke recipe to make, than this is the best place to find them.  Or if you happen to have a recipe of your own that is quite unique please let me know. 

Most of the recipes here may be a little more complicated than a regular potato latke, however they are still quite simple in nature (as I have said before, really the must difficult part to making a latke is just the frying).

Exotic Potato Latke Recipes

If you have a latke recipe that is different than most let me know. I collect many types of potato latke recipes as well as more exotic latke recipes. Thank you.

Asian Latkes
With gingered sour cream
Malaysian Latkes
jalapenos, curry, ginger...

Potato Latke Recipes
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Enjoy! We have potato latke recipes, sweet potato latke recipes, cheese latkes, latkes for snacks, zuchini latke, make latke, and latke pancake recipes