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  Potato Latke Recipes

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Cheese Latke Recipes

Welcome to the best collection of Cheese Latke Recipes on the web! Cheese Latkes are very similar to fried cheese, so if you are fond of cheese than you should try the cheese latke recipes.

Most cheese Latkes are very simple to make, they don’t require much preparation time or a high degree of cooking skill.  A mixture of cheese usually with flour, eggs and butter is the basis.  The pancake-like latkes are fried in oil (which is the most difficult part) for a few minutes until golden brown.  The cheese latke is set on a paper towel to drain off excess oil. Usually a cheese latke is eaten hot... so don’t allow the latke to sit too long.

It’s best to use a microwave if you are going to reheat a cheese latke.

Cheese Potato Latke Recipes

If you have a good cheese latke recipe of your own that you would like to share, please let me know. I do collect other lypes of latke recipes too.

Cheese Latke
Slightly sweet and cheesy!
Cheese Latke #2
May be served with syrup or fruit

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