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How to cook latkes

Tips on how to cook latkes better:

Here are four very helpful pieces of advice that I can give you about cooking latke.  If you follow the recipe and uses these latke cooking tips you should do just fine!

  1. If your oil is not hot enough your latke may turn out greasy.  This can also happen if the latke is too thick.

  2. Don’t let the latkes get too big, when cooking latkes that are too large they may break apart.  Think of a silver dollar latke, that is a good size.

  3. If you go too slow you’re the latke may turn out gray in color.  You can keep cut potatoes that haven’t yet been graded under cold water, this may help.

  4. Last but not least practice makes perfect.  Don’t expect the first time to be perfect, usually things take a couple tries to get them right.

You have completed your first latke cooking course!  Now it’s time to go ahead and make your first potato latke… or cheese latke… or whatever sounds best to you.  Just have fun and enjoy it.  Goodluck!

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